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About A2xB Group

The African Business Bridge (A2xB) Group, LLC; (spoken: “A-Two-B's” Group) endeavors to facilitate a seamless strategic link between African companies and American corporations by providing timely researched data for vital marketing decisions as well as establishing an efficient coalition between the two companies. The A2xB Group foremost goal is to offer a competitive advantage to our customers by bridging the African markets with American enterprises.

A2xB Group mission

The A2xB Group mission is to enhance the marketing capacity and scope of African businesses by bridging them with American enterprises. This business concept will ultimately serve both continental ventures mutually. Once African businesses see the market advantage of an external resource & facilitator, the volume of business transactions will inevitably grow and generate a substantial database, which will provide strategic marketing statistics for both African and American companies. Besides being a business function facilitator, A2xB Group will provide a technological bridge to African businesses. This resource will in effect allow African enterprises to close part of the technological gap they are currently experiencing and increase their level of business efficiency and growth. Our founder, C. G. Mwakisunga and all A2xB Group representatives passionately embrace this mission.

Business contracts

Establishing a contract or doing business with the A2xB Group is an affirmation of a genuine global business environment. When business transactions between two giant continents are streamlined via an affiliated independent facilitator, the international industry community reaps a better return on investments than otherwise. The A2xB Group paramount objective is to add economic value to our customers by providing a specific business service liaison between African and American enterprises. The nature and magnitude of services offered will vary based upon a mutual agreement on the customer’s demands and conditions.

Business prospective

For those who may need additional reassurance and justification for doing business or investing in developing countries, I offer you the paragraph below. I also highly recommend The Big Ten book, where the source of this passage is derived from.

Across the Atlantic, South Africa, with a population of 41 million, represents over 45 percent of the GDP of its entire continent. It is the most advanced, productive, and balanced economy in all of Africa, not to mention the most vibrant democracy and the most potent military force. It has a modern infrastructure, and highly sophisticated industries in finance, communications, transport, and energy, as well as several home-grown multinational companies. It has one of the most advanced stock exchanges in the world. Its market absorbs products from all of Africa and its companies provide critically essential goods and services for all of its neighboring countries. Pretoria’s success will spill over into all of Africa, as will its failures. But, in addition to being so influential in its own neighborhood, South Africa could be a powerful trading partner and ally to America because of its future growth potential as well as its ethnic bond with African-Americans. (Garten, Jeffrey E. 1997)



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