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  The A2xB Group customers consist of American enterprises and African industries. These are companies which are presently conducting business transitions on their own or which have aspirations of doing so. The primary objective of the A2xB Group is to enhance the level and quality of this interaction by providing resources that would enhance or facilitate the channels of communication. This resource has been technologically more beneficial to African companies because of the economic disparities between the two continents. However, because of mutually improved marketing efficiencies and added level of business volume, both American and African firms proportionately achieve long-term benefits.

  Our initial concentration has been all major American companies aspiring or having some business exposure in South Africa. From all reliable African data, South Africa current economic market profile depicts a higher concentration of American based corporations than any other part of the continent. Ultimately all African geographical locations will be covered, however, the scope of the inaugural market focus needs to be concentrated within a small sector of the continent. Virtually any size business can benefit from an external resource whose principal objective is to meet the global marketing or international business sales transactions of an enterprise efficiently and economically.

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